Here at Montana’s Best want to spread the love to some of the smaller towns in Montana so today we will be taking a deep dive into the the town of Roundup. This rural town boasts one of a kind Montana fishing and museums but what they are really known for is their cattle drive. Every year this Musselshell County hosts it’s annual Roundup Cattle Drive which attracts locals and visitors from afar.

Here is a quote from Visit MT, “Roundup is nestled in the valley near the Musselshell River near the Bull Mountains. It has long been renowned for its natural geographic design for rounding up livestock. One of the town’s highlights is the annual Roundup Cattle Drive. The drive is the western adventure of a lifetime.” It’s fair to say that this Montana small town sports some of the best small town living. On your next road trip be sure to stop on by and say high to the locals of this western town.