Julie Mac Virginia City

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 Julie Mac’s Bio

Our host Julie Mac is a TV Host and Content Producer who can paint a picture from start to finish. She has years of experience in the television and commercial industry. Julie has been blessed with production opportunities with the likes of Discovery, A&E, NBC, MTV, VH1, FOX, ESPN, HGTV, and others. She has covered star-studded events such as the Billboard Awards, Iheart Radio Music Festival, and Sundance. When Julie is not producing you may find her speaking at a youth event or emceeing a fashion show or introducing artist on a concert stage.

Julie has a love for discovering fun things to do. As a matter of fact, creating enjoyment for others is fun for her hence that’s why she’s a perfect match as our host for Montana’s Best plus who perfect to have host the show from someone who is from Montana. She grew up skiing the slopes of the mountains, hiking the trails that lead to breath taking views, and working with local businesses. Dirt doesn’t scare her, outdoor adventures thrill her, dressing to the nines excites her, and people fascinate her brain. Julie’s eye for detail is detailed.  Her mission is to “motivate, educate, and influence people for the better by using media.