Montana’s Best catches up with local historian who gives an inside look of one of Helena’s oldest still intact establishments from the 1800’s. Located at the base of Mount Helena, Reeder’s Alley is located in the southwest corner of downtown Helena, Montana. Another great factoid is Helena, MT is where Montana’s Capital resides. In the 1870s Reeder’s Alley was established by a Pennsylvania brick and stone mason named Louis Reeder. The property is a strong link to the beginnings of a settlement here, offering insights into the lives of miners, the Chinese influence, building techniques of the time, and life of the common men and women who came here seeking their fortune.

Helena Historian
Helena Historian Ellen Baulmer

Today the buildings in Reeder’s Alley are designated as a historic district listed in the National Register of Historic Places with the National Park Service. Next time you are in Helena be sure to make a visit to this one of a kind historic location. For more information be sure to visit their website at

Reeder's Alley
Reeder’s Alley
Photo By: Ben Johnson
Photo By: Ben Johnson

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