The gold rush of the late 1800s and early 1900s established small mining towns all across the Western United States. A lot of those towns are completely gone with a few ghost towns still remaining. The town of Garnet is one of the most spectacularly preserved ghost towns in the country.

Gold Rush Town
Garnet Ghost Town

It still features dozens of standing structures which is incredible given the fact that the town was deserted by the late 1940s. You see this town wasn’t build to last. Most of the people who lived in these towns where enterprising miners who where looking to ‘Get Rich Quick’. If you are a local to Montana you know that the winters can be long and cold. Homes that had a quick turnaround to build and easy to heat were important to the people.

Ghost Town Winter
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The road from the north is much better than the one from the south, if you don’t have an off-road vehicle. Signs say to go south toward I-90, and this is slightly faster if you’re headed south, but the road is very narrow and rocky. For more in depth information on how to get there be sure to visit their website at

Ghost Town In Montana

Another great things about this Montana ghost town is there are numerous trails to hike such as the Sierra Mine Loop Trail, Warren Park Trail, Placer Trail, and more. If you are looking for a fun and historical day trip that you can do with the family this is it. Here is a list of fun and adventurous things that you can do nearby. *Camping




*Mountain Biking

*Off Highway Vehicle Riding


*Cross Country Skiing

Old Historical Bar in Garnet Ghost Town