There are so many different types of disc golf courses in Montana. Many call the sport disc golf or frisbee golf. To some people they call the sport “folf” or “folfing”. Frisbee golf is a popular pastime in many of the parks in Montana. The sport uses the same rules as golf but instead of holes on a green you are flinging a disc into posts or baskets around a course. Here is a little history about the sport. The first known instance of anyone playing golf with a disk happened in Bladworth, Saskatchewan, Canada in 1926. Ronald Gibson and a group of his elementary school buddies played a game throwing tin plates at targets such as trees and gates. As time has gone on different variations have came about but all in all the game is the same. There are hundreds of disc golf courses through out the state of Montana. Enclosed are a few suggestions.

Smith Lake Disc Golf (Near Whitefish, Montana)

Timber Beast Disc Golf Course (Near Libby, Montana)

Salish Kootenai College Disc Golf Course (Near Ronan, Montana)

Blue Mountain Disc Golf Course (Near Missoula, Montana)

Sheep Mountain Disc Golf Course (Near Clancy, Montana)

Warden Park Disc Golf Course (Near Great Falls, Montana)

Lindley Park (Near Bozeman, Montana)

Chico Hot Springs Disc Golf Course (Near Pray, Montana)

Diamond X Disc Golf Course (Near Billings, Montana)

Lewis and Clark Disc Golf (Near Wolf Point, Montana)

Smith Lake Disc Golf Photo Credit: David Engle
Photo Credit: Chris Blakley